Home Learning with TEAMS – useful Videos

Here are some useful videos to support Year 2 – Year 6 with TEAMS, as uploaded recently to our Facebook Pages.


Dear Parents & Carers

 Home Learning

 At Riverside we have been working incredibly hard planning how to support pupils to continue to learn at home should we have to isolate year groups from school for a fixed period of time.

Over the last few weeks, we have been surveying parents to find out what technology is available to our pupils at home to ensure all pupils are able to access the online work that school sets. We will be able to support parents by providing a small number of computers for use at home, for a fixed period, for those who need it.

The pupils in Year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are currently being trained on how to access schoolwork using Microsoft Teams so that they will be prepared to complete work online should a lockdown occur.

If another Home Learning situation takes place the school will post four lessons each day for children to complete. Pupils will be able to login into Microsoft Teams, work their way through daily lessons and submit work to their teacher, who will be able to monitor their progress and give feedback.  All the work can be completed online or with just a pencil and paper using Teams, so there will be no need for parents to have access to a printer.

Teachers will contact pupils who are not accessing the work to either support or encourage them to complete the work.

I’m sure all of our parents/carers are hoping that pupils do not need to be isolating away from school but can be confident that Riverside is organising as much as possible to ensure learning continues should this happen.


B Jones

Head Teacher (01.10.2020)


Click on Home Learning with Teams to access Teams through a Broswer, or download the Teams App