Year 6 – E-Safety Advice…


Our computing, able and talented Year 6 pupils have been talking about Staying Safe Online. During our weekly sessions they’ve put together some fantastic posters, providing advice on the topic.

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Download (PDF, 119KB)


Download (PDF, 1.07MB)


Download (PDF, 4.96MB)


Download (PDF, 193KB)


Download (PDF, 464KB)


Download (PDF, 786KB)


Year 5 – Comic Strip Stories on E-Safety


Year 5 used the Comic Strip ipad app to retell stories on cyber-bullying and give advise on how to stay safe online.


Download (PDF, 934KB)


Year 4 – Making Gruel.

Year 4 used Adobe Spark to create a ‘How to make Gruel’ video…




Year 3 – Animating Mummies!

Year 3 used Stop Motion animation to create a green screen animation of mummies.







Year 1 – Flowering Animation!

Year 1 used Scratch coding to create a flowering animation.