Early Reading Support

Click on the videos to find out more about how your child is learning to read.


Set 1- Your child will learn these sounds first. They begin in Foundation and support children to read the White and Black books.


Set 2- Your child will learn these sounds in Foundation and Year 1. With these sounds they will begin to read Red, Green Purple and Pink books.



Set 3- Your child will usually learn these in Year 1 and can read Orange level books with them.



Extra Sounds- Your child will learn these in Year 1 (occasionally continuing into year 2 if needed). With these sounds children can read Yellow, Blue and Grey books.



BLENDING- Your child will learn to use the speed sounds to blend and decode words at every level. Blending is a vital skill. Click here to see it in action.


Blending 1- Your child will listen to a word and be supported to identify the sounds in order to read the word.


Blending 2- As your child grows in independence they will select the sounds for themselves to create given words.


Blending 3- Using the manta ‘Special friends, Fred Talk, Read the Word’ the children begin to read words out loud.


Reading with your child- Tips for enjoying the Sharing books with your child