School Council

Welcome to Riverside’s new School Council members.

The School Council is the voice of the children at our school.

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We have each been elected by the other children in our class who trust us to do this very important job.


Riverside Community Primary School expects its School Councillors to:

  • be fair and respectful, listening to the views of all the children they represent
  • be impartial and not take sides or just say what they think
  • be confident to speak at meetings and not afraid to share their ideas
  • be sensible when making decisions to help make our school a better place for all
  • be proud of their role within the school!


The School Council can expect the adults at Riverside Community Primary School to:

  • respect the views of the School Council as the voice of the children
  • listen to the School Council’s ideas and give them proper consideration
  • give the School Council opportunities to help make decisions about what happens at our school
  • be proud of our School Council and the job they do!

 What have we been involved in?

Our school council selected to help raised money for the Poppy appeal and Children in Need during the Autumn term. As both charity events are close together it was decided that there would only be poppies for sale for the poppy appeal. 

For the Children in Need appeal the children wanted to sell Pudsey pins and wrist bands. Unfortunately the charity had sold out of the pins so we could only sell the wrist bands. They also decided to hold a Hula Hoop challenge in each class, where the winner received sweets as a prize. The children also decided that we would wear mufti for a silver coin donation. As a school we managed to raise £593.16! Very good!

The school council have also decided that on the last day of term we will wear Christmas jumpers to raise funds for ‘Save the Children’ association. This will be a silver coin donation where half of the collection will go towards the charity and half towards the school fund. Click on the image below to see more images taken that day.


Christmas jumper day 2016

The school council have decided that we will still have M&M Productions twice this year- 1 after Christmas and 1 in July.

We have also tried to come up with recipe ideas for the school canteen. Jan from Eden Foods came in and we tested the suggestions and there will be a new inclusion in the Summer menu. Look out for it! 

In KS2 we have the ECO Council who monitor that we try to reduce our carbon footprint by switching off lights and computers etc when we don’t need them. 

They are also responsible for the environmental gardens and try to meet every fortnight to maintain the garden area during our lunchtime.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

School Councillors Bury Time Capsule


This week, some of our School Councillors went to the “Brunel View” building site and buried a time capsule made up of items selected and chosen by the children at Riverside School.

The capsule was buried on the site where new houses will soon be built, and where the old Barne Barne Primary School building used to be.

This story appeared in the Plymouth Herald. Read it here.