Nursery Charges – September 2017

We are a cashless setting and therefore ALL payments must be made through Parentpay; information regarding set up, username and password, will be issued on admission.

All additional sessions will be set up and agreed at the beginning of the school term and will remain the same for the whole of that term (i.e. September – December, January – March, April – July).

Additional Session                                                                                                    Session Cost

Nursery Extended Day Charge                                                                                 £ 2.00

Nursery Lunch Charge (applicable if buying or making a full day session)          £ 2.00

Nursery Session Charge am and pm                                                                        £12.00


Payment is to be made in advance at the beginning of each week.


Please note that you will be charged for the additional costs each week, regardless

of your child’s attendance in setting.