The Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage is organised into four themes:

  1. ·         A unique child
  2. ·         Positive relationships
  3. ·         Enabling environment
  4. ·         Learning and development

and focuses on these areas of learning:

Prime Areas

  • ·         Personal, social and emotional development
  • ·         Physical development
  • ·         Communication and language

Specific Areas

  • ·         Literacy
  • ·         Mathematics
  • ·         Understanding the world
  • ·         Expressive Arts and Design

Initially we focus on the prime areas of development – Personal, Social and Emotional Development, communication and Language and Physical Development. Then as the children become settled the specific areas of development are incorporated into the planning.

The adult led learning activities are skill based and have been carefully planned to provide a range of opportunities to cover the seven areas of learning. Child-initiated learning involves children making decisions about what they want to do, where, with whom, and what resources they will need. Young children need time to develop, explore and experiment with their ideas and knowledge.

For young children it is important that they are made to feel safe and secure. This is aided by each child having a ‘key person’ who builds a positive relationship with the child and their family. The key person also records progress by completing an online learning journey to ensure that developmental targets are achieved. We consider all of the children’s needs and so progress each of them through the nursery according to their age and developmental stage.