Riverside Community Primary



Early Year (ID 1213)

 Nature Nursery - Wands

Today we read the story of Cinderella whilst having hot chocolate around the fire. We then toasted marshmallows carefully on our sticks before turning them into magic wands. We had to find the hidden ribbons in the environment and choose some for our magic wands. Then we did some spells and explored the area. I made everyone disappear. Can you see where they hid?

 Posted: 06 Dec, 2022

Decoration's Day

What a fun glitter filled day we had making Christmas decorations. There was such a variety from reindeer food, wreath making, biscuit decorating, snowman, trees and father Christmas puppets. The children really enjoyed spending time with their parents and showing them around.  I hope you enjoyed the day! 

Posted: 01 Dec, 2022

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