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Y3 British Art Show Celebration Event

In the Autumn term, 3PS and a few year 4 children were invited to visit the British Art Show 9 at The Box and Karst gallery.  Afterwards, they worked with several artists to create their own artwork inspired by what they had seen.

On 26th January, their families attended a celebration event where they saw their artwork exhibited and had a few refreshments!

 Posted: 27 Jan, 2023


We have been learning about 3D shapes, in our maths lessons this week.  After being given 2D representations of 3D shapes, we made the 3D shapes out of polydron, plasticine and cocktail sticks.  We also talked about their names and properties.  

Have a look at the photos from our lessons. Can you recognise the shapes?

Posted: 11 May, 2022