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Year 1 Blogs

Polar Express Day 1TC

We have had a wonderful Polar Express Day!! The day stared with porridge and toast to warm us up from the cold morning. We then took part in a range of activities including making elves, decorating our tickets and seeing how long a paper chain we could make. We then had lots of fun singing and dancing to Christmas songs. This afternoon we had a very special visitor on our train!! The children have been so excited we hope you enjoy our pictures.

  Posted: 09 Dec, 2022 

 Joining Materials 

In design and technology this week we have been investigating different ways to join felt. We need to know which would be the best way to join our hand templates to make our puppets. We used a range of materials including glue, blu tac, stapes and even used wool to sew. We decided sewing the felt would be the best way to join the pieces to make our puppets.  

   Posted: 25 Nov, 2022  

Piet Mondrian in digital literacy

In digital literacy we have been learning to use the shape and line tools effectively to recreate the work of Mondrian. Look at our fantastic pictures!

  Posted: 24 Nov, 2022

 Amy Johnson 

We were so lucky to have a special visitor come and talk to us in Year 1. Her name was Amy Johnson and we learnt she was a famous person from the past. 

We learned that Amy Johnsons was a pioneering English piolet who was the first woman to fly solo from London to Australia.  

We took part in a range of activities including ordering a timeline of events in her life, coin rubbings and an exciting flight game. 

Posted: 24 Nov, 2022 

 Internet Safety

We have been thinking about how to stay safe on the internet and what we should do if we hear or see something that makes us feel funny. 

We watched the Jessie and friends videos and learned the 'Funny Tummy' song to help us remember how to stay safe online. 

Click below to watch the video and hear the 'Funny Tummy' song. 

Jessie and friends

 Posted: 24 Nov, 2022

Paint the Squares

We use the Paint the Squares game in numeracy everyday! We set ourselves challenges and start with numbers to 20 then as we become more confident to 30 then 50 and finally all the way to 100.

Have a go with your child by clicking the link below...


Start with a number square to 20 and challenge your child to read the numbers, find a given number,  count forwards and backwards from any number, and tell you what is one more and one less than a number. 

 Posted: 9th Nov, 2022