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The Year 5 Nando's had an hour of poetry exploration: researching, writing and presenting their own creations.

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Posted: 25 Jan, 2023

 Rain drops keep falling on my head (5M allotment)

As the rain poured this Friday afternoon, 5M made their way through the soggy filed to the allotment. 

The children worked with Lisa and Becky to become 'solo squirrels' who were burying their conkers ready for the winter weather to hit. We talked about the ways that animals look after themselves during the colder weather and how they make sure they have enough to eat. Lisa also told us that lots of extra things begin to grow in the allotment after the winter time, as animals forget where they hide their stash - this is one way seeds are dispersed. 

Many of us took ourselves out of our comfort zones and climbed trees for the first time!

Posted: 13 Jan, 2023

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