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Y3 Visit Merrivale, Dartmoor

On Friday 24th March, Year 3 visited Merrivale, Dartmoor to discover the Bronze Age settlements.  It was cold and wet at times but we were still able to learn a lot.  We found out that Bronze Age people lived in circular homes made from stone and wood.  We also saw the stone rows and a cist.  

Posted: 29 Mar, 2023

Making Dips

As part of our work in design and technology, we have been learning to make healthy dips.  After tasting shop bought dips, we chose which dips we would like to make (from salsa, tzatziki and guacamole) and spent the morning cutting, slicing, grating and mixing the ingredients.  Later on, we had the pleasure of tasting them.

 Posted: 9 Mar,2023

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