Riverside Community Primary

Welcome to Nursery


At Riverside, we believe that all children should have the best start in life to enable them to fulfill their hopes and dreams.   Life is full of wonder and magic and we want all children to develop their inquisitive minds and curiosity to have a thirst for knowledge.  Through play, both in and out of the classroom, we will nurture, inspire, motivate and challenge children to take risks in a safe and caring environment.  We firmly believe that if a child is excited by learning, especially in the early days at our school, then they will continue their learning journey with genuine enthusiasm and an unshakeable resilience which will enable them to become lifelong learners and continue to search for and understand the wonder and magic that surrounds them.   

“Children learn as they play. More importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.”

Fred Donaldson 


Our curriculum is designed to recognise children’s prior learning from their experiences at home and build on these to provide first hand learning experiences, whilst allowing the children to build resilience, ambition and integrity.

The ability to learn is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge, concepts and values. We understand and follow children’s interests and provide opportunities throughout our EYFS curriculum to support learning, consolidate and deepen knowledge and ensure children meet their next steps. We provide enhancement opportunities to engage learning and believe that our first experiences of school should be happy and positive. Every child is recognised as a unique individual and we celebrate and welcome differences within our school community.

Throughout their time in EYFS, the children develop a sense of belonging to our school community, ready to transition to year 1 the following academic year. They have the confidence and skills to make decisions and self-evaluate, make connections and become lifelong learners.

We work in partnership with parents and carers to encourage independent, happy learners who thrive in school and reach their full potential from their various starting points.


Joining Nursery